Public Lecture | What can Algeria teach us about Palestine, then and now

Embark on a thought-provoking journey into historical parallels and contemporary reflections in an engaging public lecture where we will be exploring the resonance of the Algerian War of Independence in the context of current conflicts and its liberation struggle, with a focus on Palestine!
As people try to make sense of the current violence in Palestine, the comparisons to Algeria keep popping up. Whether it is heated debates about references to Frantz Fanon’s writings or fears of the mass exodus of settlers that took place in 1962. What can we make of these analogies?
This talk looks back to the Algerian War of Independence and its aftermath to think through possible futures. It will show how the history of both places has long been entangled, and how connections between the two have at times opened up creative possibilities and at other times shut them down.
Arthur Asseraf is a historian of North Africa and the Mediterranean, focusing on colonialism, race, and the media. He is an Associate Professor in History at the University of Cambridge and is currently a Pro Futura Scientia Fellow at SCAS in Uppsala. He is the author of Electric News in Colonial Algeria, Le désinformateur and a coordinator of Colonisations: Notre histoire.
The lecture will be held in English followed by a Q&A session.
This event is the prelude for the screening of the film Battle of Algiers on the 11th Feb at Panora – Read more and get your tickets here:
All proceeds of the event will be donated to Palestinagruppen Malmö.
Arrangörer: Shako Mako, Antirasistiska Filmdagar, ABF Malmö, Folkets Bio Malmö

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feb 10 2024


4:00 pm - 5:45 pm


ABF Malmö

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